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Mother in fitness clothes doing a kettlebell basic swing with a laughing baby

What if you didn’t have to choose between working out or spending time with your baby?

Move Your Baby Weight is a unique video-based fitness program for busy parents, using your cute little “kettlebell” for added resistance. Exercise doesn’t have to be one more stressful thing for you to juggle! Enjoy spending quality time with your little one while getting a hardcore workout.

You deserve a fitness routine that creates time for you and your baby, rather than adding yet another thing to your plate.

Move Your Baby Weight is an at-home video-based fitness program for busy parents who want to have fun with their babies/toddlers. The workouts are all based on using your kiddo to add weight resistance to make your workout more hardcore (and fun!), and I’m using my own baby in the videos to demonstrate. 

The program targets your whole body, designed as a series of workouts over the course of 8 weeks that get progressively harder for you, and keep your baby having a blast. Do each workout 2-4 times in one week before moving on to the next one, playing into your baby’s love of repetition. To help keep you accountable, a new workout pops up in your online account each week for 8 weeks. Once a video shows up in your account, you have free lifetime access to it.

Hardcore workouts, with a soundtrack of your baby giggling with glee.

Move Your Baby Weight is for you if…

You need your fitness to fit your busy day

Making time to work out regularly can be a challenge for anyone, let alone for those of us with young children. MYBW is designed for parents who are juggling their own fitness with the million things that come with taking care of a baby or toddler. Sometimes, multi-tasking can actually make things easier! Get your workout in while bonding with baby. It’s video-based, so you can do it anytime that works for you and your little one. No childcare to arrange, no diaper bag to pack, no specific schedule to meet. You just get to focus on the workout, and on having a blast together.

You want to have fun with your little one

There’s nothing your baby loves more than playing with you. This program makes fitness fun—for both of you! You’ll be working up a sweat to the unparalleled sound of your baby’s giggles.

You value your baby’s learning

If you’re always looking for fun and productive activities to do together, counting your reps in Move Your Baby Weight provides a natural and memorable way to teach numbers. 

Health is important to you

By now, everyone is aware of the physical and mental health benefits of exercise (especially a regular routine!). Not only do you and your baby both benefit if you’re feeling your best, but it’s also been shown that these habits develop easiest early in life. With MYBW, you are making fitness accessible for your little one from the very beginning. You’re also modeling a healthy lifestyle that’s based in the joy of movement!

Move Your Baby Weight isn’t for you if…

Your baby hates being held

If your baby hates being held, this is very unlikely to work for you. That being said, you can probably exercise on your own and don’t need this program if you have a baby who’s happy to play by themselves! The workouts are all based on holding your baby in your arms, or in a carrier if you prefer.

Exercise is your “me time”

This program has you interacting and laughing with your baby. If you value your workouts as time by yourself away from it all, this is not going to be a good fit for you. If you’d rather be able to get in the zone, go take that time for yourself, and don’t even think about feeling guilty about it (I know it’s hard); you deserve it, and your kiddo will benefit from you being your happiest, healthiest self.

MYBW is NOT a postpartum recovery program (yet)

A program for younger babies with a specifically postpartum component is in the works, but not yet available. The first program (available to the public July 2022) is intended for parents cleared for exercise, and babies with good neck control. Programs for different ages will be coming later; signing up for the email list will ensure you’re the first to hear about them.

Stop the eternal juggle. You can have a fitness routine you both love!

Your questions answered…

What’s the price of the program?

The current price is $145. By registering now at the launch price, you will get all future updates included free, even once the price increases.


  • 8 weeks of progressive workouts with your baby
  • Bonuses including how to lift your baby without hurting your back
  • Lifetime unlimited access
  • Any future updates to the program FREE

What age should my baby be?

This founding program is for babies with good neck control. Programs for other ages are in the works too; you can sign up to get updates on those if this one isn’t right for your babe. There’s no upper age limit. You do need to be able to lift your baby weight, or be willing to work your way up with regular weights until you can use your kid.

I have more than one kid. Will this work?

Yes! Actually, I’m including a special section just for you! For this founding program, you do need all kids to have good neck control. In the future, there will be programs for younger babies too.

I already do shoulder presses with my baby. Is that all this is?

This is an 8-week fitness program put together by a trainer, rather than a list of individual exercises you can do using your baby as extra weight. The program is progressive and targets your whole body, designed as a series of workouts over the course of 8 weeks that get progressively harder for you, and aim to keep your baby’s interest. However, if you’re already in a great workout routine with your baby (or even without), and are feeling energized and strong, don’t change a thing! Spend your money on something else that’s going to make YOU feel amazing. Because that’s the point here: to help you be strong, healthy and energized, WITH baby rather than in spite of. 

I haven’t worked out in ages. Can I go at my own pace?

Yes. The program is extremely variable. The weight of your baby of course makes a big difference, but there are also variations included to increase or decrease intensity as needed. Some days I up the ante so that I’m struggling to get the last few reps out, and other days my body is asking for the lowest intensity. The videos include options for both.

The fitness program that uses weights you already have hanging (and maybe crawling...) around.

Baby weight, say what?

Hey there! I’m Essa, a fitness trainer for 12 years now with a university degree in Kinesiology. My baby Kalvin just turned a year old (!), and since having him, I’ve experienced firsthand some of the challenges of fitting workouts into a schedule that is dictated by a little being. (And Kalvin is a low sleep needs baby 🥴. Anyone else in the same boat??)

Exercise with baby

I tried googling “working out with baby,” but that just brought up ideas on juggling workouts along with everything else during naptime, or in 5 minute intervals when baby is self-entertaining. There had to be a better way!

Back when people actually left the house, I taught a Mama and Baby Pilates class for several years. The first graduates are now in their double digits! (I. Feel. So. Old.) So I took ideas from that Pilates class, mixed it up with strength training and even cardio, and started experimenting.

That’s how Move Your Baby Weight came to be. I decided Kalvin could be my little kettlebell for workouts, and we’re both having such a blast that I just had to create a program to share with others.

Baby weight: A little rant...

A quick word on the program name: do not get me started on “losing baby weight”—let’s reclaim that term “baby weight” once and for all. Baby weight is my baby’s weight, period. Yeah, I also sometimes fret over not looking the same as I did before I got pregnant. That makes me resent all the messages we’re targeted with on social media about this all the more. Because looks are actually so unimportant—we need to care how we FEEL, how STRONG we are, to focus on what our bodies can DO. (And my experience as a trainer is that the more we focus on strength and joy, making our exercise routine a lifestyle, the more likely we are to get the physique as a side effect anyway.) So that’s why I want Google searches for “baby weight” to end up here: a place where “baby weight” refers to our adorable little kettlebells, a place of strength and empowerment.

Exercise with your baby

If you’ve got a cute kettlebell in your life, and you’re tired of the constant juggle between exercise, nap time, your own to-do list and spending time with your baby… sign up to move YOUR baby weight!


Believe in the project but don't have a baby weight?

This project is a labour of love for me, and I’m grateful for any support to get it off the ground.

Move Your Baby Weight is run entirely by Eszter Horvath, Essa for short. I’m based in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada). My two passions are fitness and music, and I’m lucky enough to get to work in both.

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